Modern Rabbinic Judaism Is Not Authentic Biblical Judaism

If it were, there would be a Temple in Jerusalem. Everyone (Jews and Christians alike) seem to want The Messiah and Temple, but they are not fully aware of what that would entail in a practical, every day reality. They do not comprehend that everything – and I mean everything – would change. From how Jews celebrate the holy festivals and Shabbat, to daily life and how we are governed. I personally don’t think we are ready for it. But I think we need to start thinking and talking about it or else we will never get there.

This site is from a converts point of view. If you are coming out of Christianity and haven’t been welcomed or still have issues with Orthodox Judaism, or are already Jewish but unaffilated or semi or non-observant because you have questions or issues with how Judaism is currently practised, this site is for you. These are just my views on what changes need to happen within Rabbinic Judaism to bring about The Redemption and Messiah. Within these changes are the answers to end anti-Semitism and racism. I am no expert, these are very basic and simple observations based on reading and my own experiences. I don’t think I am the only one who thinks this.

Join me as I highlight the corruption of Torah in the hopes of “Purifying” Judaism and help to unify all Jews and bring about the Redemption and Messiah. If you like what I post, please share and/or consider making a donation. Thank You.

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